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Carp Fishing with ultra light tackle is FUN and CHALLENGING. Fighting and landing a big carp on 4 lbs. test line is not easy.

Watch this video and see expert carp fisherman Don Coleman land a 10 pounder on 4 lbs. test line!

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If your’re one of those folks who thinks carp fishing is awaste of time, don’t even bother watching this video. But…..if you’re one of the enlightened ones…’ll get a kick out of seeing this!
It just doesn’t get any better than this. Hal and Jason Coleman fly fishing on The Soque River in North Georgia. You won’t believe the size of these trout!
Believe it or not, Hal actually leaped out of a moving boat and caught this turtle. It was realeassed unharmed…but mad as hell!
Actually, this was Henry’s first Ga fishing carp on the fly. I actually think he liked it a lot. He wants to go back again! That’s fine with me, as long as he brings the cigars!
Click on the center of this video and watch a pro at work. This technique will work for any fish. Watch it and see how easy it really is to filet a fish. We caught 33 bluecats that day and Capt. Darryl fileted all of’em in short order. We ended up with 72 lbs of catfish filets…a Ga Fishing tradition.
You just never know what’s gonna end up in the boat with you, especially when you fish with ME. This huge snake just showed up out of nowhere and decided to cross the river right where we were fishing.
A Ga fishing adventure most folks would want to avoid!
Watch this episode and see Jason Coleman catch his first spotted bass on a fly rod. We caught 5 spots and 2 stripers that morning, all on the fly, thanks to our fantastic guide, Henry Cowen. Many people consider Henry to be the best fly fishing guide for stripers in the country. He is a true credit to Ga Fishing!
Sometimes you just gotta do something to have a little Ga Fishing fun. Maybe it was the heat. But at least we didn’t get skunked….which reminds me of another story!
Now this was a fun day, especially if you like catching catfish. Ga fishing and catfish go together like hotdogs and chili. Watch this episode and see a real pile’o nice cats!
A big snapping turtle and a small, yappy dog aren’t a good mix. I stopped by to visit with Jimmy and found him messing with this turtle. Ga fishing of a different sort, but very interesting!
If you are one of those weird folks who think carp aren’t worth the time of day, then don’t watch this episode. But if you are one of the ever-growing, enlightened followers of this amazing fish, you’ll appreciate seeing someone land a nice’un. Ga fishing buddy King Stracke shows how it’s done!