Georgia Fishing – Southern Fishing Report 8-22-14

“The Southern Fishing Report” By Ken Sturdivant

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August 21, 2014     




This Lake Lanier Bass report is from Jimbo Mathley. 770 642 7764


Spotted bass fishing continues to be very good, especially for August. The cooler surface temps have really kept the fish active and willing to come up. The Corp of Engineers continues to pull water and when there is current, the bite improves. Top water and swim baits have been our best offerings again this week. We have been working these baits fast over brush in 20 30 feet of water. A Sworming Hornet Bite Sized Herring and a Sebile have been our best choices on the swim baits and a Gunfish and a chug bug have been best on the top water side. The wind definitely helps this bite. When the fish won’t come up a drop shot and a jig have been good choices. There are some fish holding out deep so don’t hesitate to try them on the DS. That 40 to 45 area foot area at the timberline seems to be best. I have the following two dates left open for the remainder of August: 26 and 28. Give me a call, and let’s go fishing.


This Striper report is from Captain Ken West and Captain Mike Maddalena of Big Fish On Service 404 561 2564. www.bigfishon .com


Striper fishing remains very good. This is the longest stringing of excellent fishing I have seen in a long while. We believe the primary reason has been the consistency of the water temperature. The temperature has ranged from the low 80’s in the morning to the mid 80’s in the afternoon for the past 5 or 6 weeks. The key has been trees in 70 to 120 feet of water just off the creek channels. Most of the fish are being caught with blue back herring on down rods at 50 to 80 feet although we have caught a few at 40 and 120 feet down. There has been a lot of discussion about using long (12 foot) of 10 pound test leader on the down rods. While there are some good fishermen using these leaders, we have continued using a 7 foot, 12 pound test Seaguar fluorocarbon leader without any problem. If you are having problems getting the fish to bite you may want to consider tying up a couple of down rods with longer/lighter leaders to see if one rod versus another is working better. A buck tail jig with a 4 inch shad body with lead core line at 8 to 9 colors is working along with umbrella rigs at 150 to 170 feet back. The fish are starting to show up on the river channel. The “river channel bite” should continue to strengthen as the water temperature rises. Flat Creek, Two Mile Creek and Six Mile Creek, remain good places to start.


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August 21, 2014     




Bass fishing is fair. The fish are moving and there is a fair shallow water pattern during the week. A few bass are around the bridge pilings during generating times. A mixed bag of largemouth and spotted bass can be caught in the moving water. The only down side is most of the fish are all less than 14 inches long. Use a Pop R type lure or 1/2 ounce white Rooster Tail for best results. Black bass and the spotted bass are feeding sporadically from Highland Marina up the Chattahoochee to above the Hwy 219 bridge. They are on the main river points and are holding on the sides of the points. They run up on the points and feed and then move back to the sides of the points. Use a Carolina rigged worm in any color or a medium diving crank bait and fish at a depth of 14 to 16 feet. The largemouth bass and the spots are holding in brush piles in 15 to 18 feet of water. A pig and jig or Texas rigged worm are the best baits. The hybrids had been schooling late in the afternoon where Yellow Jacket Creek and the Chattahoochee converge. Try popping corks, poppers, sassy shad and buck tail jigs.


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August 21, 2014




This LakeAllatoona bass fishing report is from Mat Driver, 404 456 6094


Bass fishing is slow. The dog days are in full effect. Fish are slow and sluggish to react. Fish are mainly deep but a few largemouth can be found lurking the shallows. Largemouth are spooky to say the least with more followers than takers on the swim bait. The triple trout and the Sliding gizzard in 6in have worked the best. In low light condition the jig is the best way to approach these shallow fish. As usual the drop shot bite is best for numbers. No large schools founds as of late. Mostly we are targeting loner bass off points in 10 to 20 feet deep suspended. The Big Bite 3 inch jointed jerk minnow and the 4 in sunrise Shaky Squirrel fished on 6 pound Sniper fluorocarbon with a number 4 Gamakatsu DS hook.


This Lake Allatoona Fishing Guides Report for Striper and Hybrid report fishing report has been brought to you exclusively by Robert Eidson of First Bite Guide Service, 770 827 6282. www.firstbiteguideservice.comLake Allatoona, Georgia email:

Line sides fishing is fair. The fish are starting to move north and can be caught from the Dam to the S turns. The flats on the north end of the lake seems to be holding more fish than the flats mid lake but the fish we are catching in the mid section of the lake seem to be bigger. Down lining shad has been working best for us. The numbers are nowhere near what they were just a few weeks ago. But if you’re in the right place at the right time boating 20 plus fish can be had in a very short time. Trolling is fair. The key to catching these fish is to bottom bump your umbrella rigs on the flats with an 18 to 20 foot bottom. Top water is good and best in the afternoon. There has been some really good top water action near the dam and also mid lake from Clear Creek to Galt’s Ferry.


Anglers, we have a book on BASS FISHING LAKE ALLATOONA that has GPS 50 coordinates also. Ask for samples of the book and the coordinates from Try these two N 34 10 846 W 84 43 128 Good spawning pockets in McCaskey Creek. Use Sammy 100 and *Big swim baits around the schooling fish. N 34 10 294 W 84 43 092 Good spawning area around BartowCounty ramp with a Sammy 100 and big swim bait area.


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August 21, 2014




Bass fishing is slow. Main lake points still remain the favorite places. Early morning top water baits like a Sammy or Pop R along with an occasional spinner bait bite can be expected along with a few more bass taking a crank bait. The water is cooling down just a little. Main lake docks are still a favorite and work jigs, weightless trick worms and Texas rigged worms. Continue with a slow presentation for another two week. Keep the Skitter Pops, Shad Raps, Rapala DT6and six inch worms. Added scent and color might be necessary.


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August 21, 2014




Bass fishing is fair. The grass beds are holding bass in the deeper water, but finding ways to entice a strike will be the key. Suspending Husky Jerk Baits is an excellent bait to use on these finicky fish. Cranking the bait down and letting it just sit for about thirty seconds will eventually trigger a strike. This will be about the same as worm fishing. Try the grass beds early for the big fish then move to the points for the smaller bass and to make a limit. During the heat, the big bass are hard to catch so hit them first thing in the morning. The rivers are still producing some bass along the banks and most of the fish are coming off the submerged wood. Lay downs along with stumps and brush piles are holding bass all day long. Some of the fish are small, so you will have to stay on the trolling motor and keep moving.


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August 21, 2014




Bass fishing is slow. The bass aren’t showing any signs of grouping together and the anglers are moving about the lake all during the day to catch a limit. Isolated structure still seems to be the best producer up in the rivers, but don’t overlook the rocky points near the deep water. Early in the morning, continue to use those top water baits up close and over submerged cover. All missed strikes must be followed with a small jig, plastic worm, or a Shad Rap which runs about three feet below the surface. On the days where the wind is blowing across the points, use the Fat Free shad in Citrus Shad patterns and Shad Raps or Fat Raps and crank them slow. Color selection will vary all during the day so be sure to have a few of each to cast.


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August 21, 2014




Bass fishing is fair. The dog days of summer are officially here and the bass know it. Bass fishing is at its best early in the mornings or late in the evenings with top water baits. Buzz baits and walking baits such as a Spro Dawg 100 work real well on topped out hydrilla on the Flint River. Both techniques work best with 50 lb Sunline FX2 braid. When the early morning bite is over, things get really tough. You can still manage to catch fish by either flipping or utilizing your electronics. There is always bass buried up in the hydrilla and the grass is plentiful on the flint side of the lake. When flipping, look for the deepest grass walls and use a 1 1/4 ounce Fish Catchin Fool Tungsten, a Fish Catchin Fool Bobber Stopper, a 5/0 Gamakatsu Straight shank heavy cover flippin hook, and a 4″ Big Bite Baits Fighting Frog in Prime Rib. You can also catch fish that are suspended in the river channel underneath balls of bait, but this pattern is hit or miss. You need good electronics such as Lowrance Touch 7, 9, or 12 with a good DownScan. When you see fish suspended underneath balls of bait, you can see what depth they are holding in and fish accordingly. A flutter spoon works real well on suspended fish, as does a crank bait such as a Spro Little John DD. Also, always have a reel that will cast a long way such as a Lews Speed Spool rigged up with a big top water bait so that you can cast at schooling fish that come up to chase bait.


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August 21, 2014




Bass fishing is fair. The shallow ledge bite is getting much better with the dropping water levels. Carolina rigged Zoom Trick worms and crank baits seem to be the best baits. Don’t forget about Zoom finesse worms on Spot Sticker jig heads and big spinnerbaits either. A 1/2 ounce jig off the bottom is always a good bait to try. Look for ledges that top out in 10 to 15 feet of water with deep water very close. The ledges that have bait present are best. Even though the lake is dropping there are still some shallow fish to be caught. Look for outside points in grass beds that have deep water access close by. Fish top water early and then flip/pitch a Zoom Super Hog in the same areas. Also, dead sticking a Zoom Z Nail is a good choice. This can catch the non aggressive fish.


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August 21, 2014



The fishing is pretty slow right now on everything except Catfish, they are still biting good. All the fish are in their late summer patterns. The lake has a lot of algae in it right now, and it is depleting the water of oxygen, which is making the fish very lethargic and making it a tough bite. We need a good rain to put some oxygen back in the water, and it will turn the fish back on.

Bass fishing is fair and they are being caught on deep brush 8 feet or more, under deeper docks, and on the creek and river channel ledges. Pig and jigs, crank baits, spinner baits and Carolina rigged plastics are all producing some good bass. Tournament weights have really dropped the last few weeks.

Striper fishing is fair and they are being caught in the lower ChattoogaRiver, the Cave Hole and Little Spring Creek, on live Shad down lined about 8 10 feet deep and flat lined live Shad.


Crappie fishing is fair they have moved back to deeper water. Spider rigging with live minnows on the creek and river channel ledges and deep brush in the flats is the way to catch these summer Crappie. Shooting docks is producing a few Crappie also. Night fishing has turned on over the last few weeks, and they are being caught on live minnows.


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August 21, 2014






Bass fishing has been decent this week on LakeSinclair. The shallow bite has been consistent as long as mayflies are present. The OconeeRiver arm and the Little River arm have had the most mayflies of late. Top water baits and jigs have been best when fishing around the mayflies. A Spro Bronzeye frog in the Leopard color is hard to beat around grass and wood cover that is adjacent to the main river channel. The Spro frog will produce bites all day in overcast conditions, but is usually best in the early morning or late evening. During the middle of the day, a Buckeye Mop jig paired with a Zoom Super Chunk will produce bites when fished around the backsides of docks and around shallow wood cover that is adjacent to deep water. A brown or green pumpkin colored jig will work best. There are still a good many fish holding in brush piles 12 15ft deep. A Buckeye Spot Remover shaky head with a green pumpkin Zoom trick worm has been best this week for catching these fish. The deep bite is still really consistent as well. The deep fish have been 21 25ft deep this week on humps, points, and ledges located on the lower end of the lake. Rock piles, stumps, and brush piles will be the best fish holding cover on these offshore locations. The offshore bite will be best when Georgia Power is moving water.


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August 21, 2014




Bass fishing is fair. The lake is full, stained up the rivers, clear on the south end. Water temperature is 84/89 degrees. Start the day with a white Old Nelly buzz bait. Fish it around mid lake docks sea walls and bridge rip raps. As the sun gets up, switch to deep water docks with a worm. Fish a Zoom u tail worm with some green in it. Fish the worm Texas rigged. Deep running crank baits fished off of the deep water humps and deep water points on the south end of the lake have been producing some larger fish. You can also pick up extra fish on the bridge riprap with a square billed crank bait. Most of these fish are coming off of the down lake side.


Line side fishing report by Mark Smith of Reel Time guide service. phone: 404 803 0741


Line side fishing is fair. There is a good top water bite for white bass and small hybrids off of points from the 44 bridge to the dam. Use a popping cork or a small inline spinner. These fish will stay up for about two hours. There are still a few fish coming on the umbrella rig fished on the pipeline.


Crappie fishing is good. The fish are staging in the timber from 10 to 20 feet deep. These schools are found from the 44 bridge to the dam, and in Richland Creek. Start in the mouths of the creeks and coves and work your way out to the channel. Find the schools on your Lowrance and drop a live minnow down to the school.


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August 21, 2014




Bass fishing is slow. The bass have moved off the deeper banks and seem to be moving closer to the shallow water early evenings. They are hanging around docks that are close to the deeper water. Wood and rocks are fair and use a 3/8 ounce pig and jig in dark brown and black or a black and red combination seems to be working along with a Texas rigged pumpkin seed worm. Throw under the docks as far back as possible and let the bait sit still for a few seconds. Start working it slow and try to cover as much of the dock as possible. Hesitate often and make several casts to the same area with different baits. Also work any heavy timber that might be near or close by these docks. Added garlic scent seems to be the trick for coaching some of these bass to bite, so add it often.


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